Calavera de Dulce

Calaveras de Dulce ("sugar skulls")

are traditional sweets shaped like skulls with cheerful and colorful ornaments. They are made of frosting, chocolate or marzipan for the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). *

El Dia de los Muertos takes place around the 2nd November in Mexico . It`s a huge celebration with its roots in aztec beliefs and traditions, mixed with All Souls day.

The Calaveras de Dulce are offered all around and not only for the ofrendas but also they are common gifts for friends, with the name of them on it, as a gesture to say  that the friendship or love will remain beyond death.

I like how this represents so well the idea of eternity of the soul and the never ending life-stream.

* (The souls of the passed ones are believed to return for a visit on that night before Dia de los Muertos. Therefore the whole family comes together, and  set up altars (ofrendas) at home for their loved ones.  In the cemetaries the Dia de los Muertos is celebrated with lots of lights, flower decorations, music, food & drinks, and around that day there`s a lot of celebration and parades, colorful artworks with ornate skeletons and skulls are omnipresent.)