"To convert ideas with my own hands into pieces of unique jewelry, and calling this my profession - This is bliss to me."  - S. Markhoff

Symbolical Statement Jewelry - Handmade in Hamburg

A great love for details, sustainability, high quality work, cool designs, combined with very good wearability -

this is the essential which characterizes my work.


After my training as a goldsmith at Hofjuwelier M. Hansen in Kiel, it became clear to me that I wanted to design my own jewelry,

since this artform has become a satisfying way for me to express creativity. 

So I established my own brand in 2006.

In my studio and store in Hamburg- Eimsbüttel I gained 10 years of experience in crafting custom-made jewelry

and developed my very own style of jewelry art which is reflected in various  collections,

made of Sterlingsilver, sometimes with decorations of  gold or precious stones.


Artistic Jewelry is vegan.

I love creating new objects, and to witness the development and blossoming of new ideas that are born in the process.

Every single piece of jewelry has its own story, and I like to add a very symbolic character to it.

Finally, I am happy to have the opportunity to pass this message on to my customers,

who express their individual attitude and appreciation for it by wearing my jewelry.


When my customers come to me with their own idea, which has an emotional meaning for them, and they ask me to implement it                             in a special  piece of jewelry , this leap of faith in my craftsmanship is the greatest compliment for me.                                                                           At the same time that kind of work is always very dear to my heart.                                                                                                                                   With this wonderful spirit very unique pieces are created.

-S. Markhoff